If you are a woman aged 45 or more, who wants to live their VERY best life, THIS IS FOR YOU

50 and Loving It!

Imagine Creating a life full of magic, fun and romance, where you look great, feel fantastic, have wealth, health and laughter, a closet full of stylish clothes and look forward to every single day. How would that make you feel? 

Just because you are nearing ‘mid-life’ doesn’t mean you need to wear beige and become invisible. This is the time to plan the second chapter of your life so it’s exactly what you dreamed it would be. To help you, I’ve singled out 10 generous, sassy, inspirational coaches who already know the ‘how’ to share their stories, warts and all, so you can receive the benefit of their wisdom and advice.  They all lead amazing, successful lives and SO CAN YOU!

Does this sound like you?

  • You look in the mirror and don’t recognize the reflection?
  • You worry about money and how you’re going to finance your future?
  • You hate your job, but you’re scared to leave?
  • You can’t remember the last time you weren’t stressed about something or other?
  • You wake up in the night, worried and fearful?
  • You want a life that is filled with beauty but don’t know how to get it?
  • You hate shopping for clothes because you don’t know what suits you any more?
  • You’re no longer sure why you’re here?
  • You have lost your passion and zest for life?
  • You can’t remember the last time you laughed?
  • You’ve lost your waist …… and everything else is going south?
  • You are sandwiched at home between children and parents?
  • You’re life is no longer your own?
  • The closet is filled with black/beige/grey?
  • You’re worried about looking frumpy or ‘mutton dressed as lamb’
  • You are suffering from empty nest syndrome, divorce, lack of a partner and are lonely?
  • You’re fed up with putting everyone else first?
  • You feel there must be more to life?

This is exactly what 50 Loving It is all about. The panel of expert coaches will show you how to transform your life, starting right now, so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. They will share with you simple but effective strategies that you can implement in next to no time, and they work!

The Speakers

Each recording concentrates on a subject that represents an integral part of your life.

  1. Become a Woman of Splendor. Let inspiring interiors and infinite wisdom add brilliance to your life with Margo DeGange
  2. Life after Tampons. Get Midlife Mojo – by running away and discovering your true self with Jennifer Boykin
  3. Become SpiritRich. Release your Inner Goddess to create passion, prosperity and purpose in your life with Laura West
  4. Ditch the day job. Turn your dreams into profits and join the joyfully jobless with Barbara Winter
  5. Aging isn’t for Sissies – learn how to lighten the load, reduce stress, embrace life and laugh out loud by not conforming with Judy Suke
  6. Dating begins from within. How a table for one can turn into a table for two – if you know what to do with Sandra Filer
  7. Wear mini skirts at 50 – are you crazy? Learn how to bend the style rules and look authentically amazing with Sue Donnelly
  8. Transform your body, your weight and your life –  and reclaim your power forever with Leslie Kenton
  9. Become  a Money Magnet. Ditch financial dramas once and for all and effortlessly attract wealth and abundance into your life with Marie-Claire Carlyle
  10. OMG, that’s ME ! The 5 Essential Ways of Being. Find the answers to why you hate your job/boss, don’t understand family, co-workers or are dissatisfied with your life with Evana Maggiore


As these are all recordings, you can listen to them time and time again, at your leisure.  Imagine having access to wisdom and encouragement whenever you feel the need to find inspiration and ‘know-how’.  AND all for just £30. A session with a coach would cost you FAR MORE and here you have 10!
Click below to pay and you can have access to these fabulous women in seconds. Enjoy.